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The journey to success usually begins with one’s own self, to accomplish your endeavours and to reach the new heights, we need clarity, in our objectives, goals and  about your own self.  At Uday Life, we help you to understand, explore your inner potential and to seek your dreams, with efforts that are fueled by the power of your passion & potential.

“No one is you, that is your power.”



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Mr. Uday Singh is facilitating change for individuals, educational institutions and Corporate Sectors.

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Educational Institutions can lay the foundation of a successful individual. To make the process easier, we have specially curated programs that can help. 

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Change towards success can be only brought when there’s a change in the mindset of the individual. Undertake this journey for excellence with our programs focussed on individuals. 

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In a corporate world, opportunity might never knock, you will have to build the door. Find the right motivation with us and build doors towards success. 

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A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success. Our blogs will provide you with the encouragement you’re looking for.



Uday Singh
April 23, 2019
Life should be a celebration. Everyone wants to live, but no one is living. These words might sound strange to you, but they are so true, – I will repeat…
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Uday Singh
April 23, 2019
“Our mistakes can play an important role in effecting a change in our life if we do not ignore them.” Just imagine; we are undertaking a very important task and…
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Uday Singh
April 23, 2019
HOW TO CHOOSE A CAREER ALIGNED WITH YOU Career selection is an extremely important decision that needs to be taken with great wisdom and understanding. We take this decision ourselves…
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Success is not only about what you accomplish but also how you inspire & motivate others.

We inspire, motivate and empower every individual so that they experience a connection with their inner self and create the impact of unlocked potential in order to achieve their goals.

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. These lines by Leonard Cohen stay true as Uday sir has personified as light in my life. When my life was at an all-time low, I had a chance to attend one of the sessions of sir. These counselling sessions by sir gave me new perspective of life and gave me a purpose, a vision. It’s been a year now since I met him and can see a lot of changes within me. I think every person needs a mentor like him. I feel lucky to have one. Thank you so much sir.

Preksha Sethi
MBA Student
Whenever I receive a message from Uday Sir, I make sure that I inculcate that dose of positivity in me. Sir has always taught me to be positive and enjoy every aspect, project and challenge I face. While developing that positive outlook I realised how easily I could achieve things. In today’s world professional and personal life goes hand-in-hand. We can’t separate them completely. Hence, we need to make changes in our lifestyle, outlook and perception in order to achieve success. I would like to thank Uday Sir for his guidance that has motivated me.

Mr. Kushal Mamarde
Founder, Director – Fab Media Works
Uday Sir has changed my mindset and has motivated me. He is such a humble, down to earth and motivational person and a great mentor too. His sessions are always kept practical so it gives unique experience. His unique outlook and friendly nature differentiates him from other entrepreneurs/trainers. I extend my gratitude towards him.

Networking Coach
He is Passionate and committed Coach. His humble approach and willingness to learn makes difference.

Dr, Rangana Rupvi Chaudhary
International Speaker
The way of communication of Mr.Uday Singh is very inspirational ,heart touching and polite.He replaced negative thoughts into positive ones. He motivates to have positive attitude and encourages every person to be ready for grater challenges .

Chinmay Jain
Founder Of Chinmay Tutorials
Mr. Uday Has been quite instrumental in making me realize the hidden potential and how to channelize the energy to make a beeter future .He is a true motivator and a great mentor.

C.A Faculty

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  • Session with Rajasthan Police
  • Speak Stand to express
  • Session on Parenting


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