Career selection is an extremely important decision that needs to be taken with great wisdom and understanding. We take this decision ourselves and for ourselves. This is the first step that will ensure that your energy, focus and inspiration move in the correct direction. It is an important decision for every student.  However, while taking this decision, 92 percent of students make mistakes and consequently suffer either for their whole life or many years.

I am listing out some of these mistakes:-

  • The first mistake we make is to choose a career option in which we have achieved high marks academically.
  • The second mistake we make is to choose a career option based on a discussion with our family and their inputs.
  • Thirdly making a choice based on being motivated by advice given by friends.
  • Taking a decision based on being enamored by the scope offered by a particular career.
  • Or taking a decision based on the security provided by a particular field.
  • Or being influenced by attractive marketing strategies of various Organisations, Institutes, and Universities.

These are some of the mistakes we often make while selecting a career. If we are employing any of the above reasons, then the time has come to change this methodology.

There are three steps that we need to take while selecting a carrier:-

  • Self-assessment is the first step.  Spend some time alone with yourself for a few days. Write down your strengths and weaknesses.  List out all your accomplishments. Write down activities that you enjoy doing. What contributes to your unique individuality? In which areas, programmes or sports have you excelled?  Which personalities or professions inspire you? After going through this process you will gain clarity about yourself.
  • Secondly, define the Career Field.  From the above self-assessment will emerge the understanding of your strengths and abilities and what gives you joy. Keeping this in mind we need to dovetail a choice of career. We can start to define a career field.  
  • We can use the 3C approach:-
    1. The first C is Clarity– You must get clarity on all aspects of your choice of career. Do the research and get information from some good websites on Google/Internet.
    2. Second C is Be Convinced – You must be convinced of your choice of career. Your conviction in your decision is most important; other people’s opinions are secondary.
    3. Third C is communication – Once you have come to a conclusion on a career aligned with your strengths and abilities, you must start communicating with people connected in that field to gain an understanding of their experience and write them down.  This will give you a strong indication. Now you are ready to decide on the best choice of a career for yourself. However, if you are still not totally satisfied with a career option, then take the third step.
  • Thirdly take the help of a Career Counsellor.  Eighty percent of the work will be completed once you have gone through the above two processes. Next, take the help of an expert career counselor. He will coach you through asking relevant questions and be able to guide you in taking a decision.  One thing to keep in mind while taking a decision is the importance of remaining professional in your approach and not get influenced. Base your decision on facts, where the counselor is a guide to help you arrive at the correct decision. When we go to the market to purchase an item we ask a million questions, see the price points, brand, pros, and cons, etc before purchasing. The same critical analysis is also required when we make this important decision in our life.  In the selection of a career, you cannot depend on another person’s decision. Be involved, take the help of an expert and make an informed decision.

The above three steps will guide you in taking the best possible decision in choosing the right career for yourself.

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