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“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow, will be our doubt for today.”

– Franklin D Roosevelt

In this fast-paced world, where progress doesn’t comes at an easy cost, every individual is running after success. Jobs, businesses, profits & losses, careers, relationships and academics along with maintaining a pace in our social lives, there’s so much to juggle in this modern-day world. Definition of that success might differ from person-to-person, but they would do whatever it takes, to reach the summit.

At Uday, we not only focus on your development but will give you a chance to grow as an individual with their own uniqueness. We offer various types of ways in which will help you in evolving towards success.

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Level 5 Leadership

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.
One can always find good leaders but great leaders always have had something different about them. Truly great leaders possess a different and unique blend of skills that makes them successful.

The program focuses on this leap of becoming great leaders from leaders. Level 5 is originally a concept, developed by Jim Collins. He mentions that, Level 5 leaders display a powerful mixture of personal humility and indomitable will. They’re incredibly ambitious, but their ambition is first and foremost for the cause, for the organization and its purpose, not themselves.

Each of these levels define certain capabilities and qualities of leaders that helps in an analysis for any improvement, if needed. Some of these include, Highly capable individual, competent manager and finally, a great leader. With a fierce competition at the marketplace, an outstanding team along with it’s great leader can help a company to succeed. We cater to all such corporates and companies that are looking for programs that can help leaders at their organization, to bring out the best in them and hence ensure good performance of the company.

Leadership qualities are inculcated in an individual since childhood but converting those qualities into a powerful leadership, is what one needs. We focus on adhering to strong determination, along with modesty & humility that makes them reachable and they guide people along, just how great leaders are supposed to do. It takes a courage, a stoic determination and a good-decision making that will help the company to multiply profits and soar high in the marketplace.

Organizational Growth Hacking

Growth is achieved, no by strength but by constant efforts and perseverance.

Growth has always been equalized to success in every field. That is the reason why growth mindset is always appreciated. These days, growth hacking is helping new startups to gain the initial boost hat they need to survive. Growth Hacking is no magicdust or a quick fix that can end a company’s problems. It is a concept that is solely based and focussed on growth.

Companies and big firms often use marketing techniques of all sorts, like lead generations, conversions and budgets. At Uday, we offer growth hacking that aims to make and create to result into growth. In this program, every initiative, every tactic and every decision focuses around growth and only growth. Data-driven, statistics-oriented and strategic, these qualities often lead to a successful and favourable outcome.

A transformation towards growth needs change in mindset, which can only be inculcated in the employees. We offer specialized programs, sessions & speeches to create and organize the team as per the mindset. Making them learn the art of creating, spotting and making the best out of opportunities is also focussed on. This can ensure that the team is ready to experiment, create a breakout growth and discover new learnings.

Breakthrough Teams : Team Building

No one can create symphony alone, it takes whole orchestra to do it. In the same way, teamwork can yield in excellent results.

Breakthrough is set of activities that involves a time frame given to them, to complete a particular activity. These activities are basically tasks that require team-spirit, coordination between the members to ensure success. This leads to increased performance of the teams as they learn how to plan, set realistic goals and work together towards growth.

At Uday, we carefully curate these activities as fun games as they are given to a realistic time limit, and as they successfully overcome one challenge, they are given another one which allows them to change their strategy as per the situations. At the end of these, a review is carried out where the outcomes & learnings are evaluated. Dynamics of the team, strengths and weaknesses of various members involved along with each individual’s contribution towards success is analysed.

A company’s success lies in it’s employees and how easily the arrange, adapt and act as per the situation, defines the success. Team building is an important aspect and Breakthrough has proven to be an effective measure in bringing out the nest collaborative efforts within the team, for the best results.

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