If you really want to understand your own potential, then stop asking other people about yourself, because they can only tell you what they know about you. It is important to pay attention to one very important fact and ask yourself if people really have the time or the inclination to understand another person completely and in totality.

Friends, family, and people around us can only tell us what they have seen. But if you want to meet your authentic self who is always learning, keeps making efforts, always remain positive in all situations and people praise his leadership abilities, then get ready:-

Be available to talk with yourself: Your best friend? You are your best friend. Talk to yourself about your strengths and weaknesses, give yourself feedback and start working on them.  You can do this activity daily or weekly. And the more you will do it the more you will understand yourself.

Start giving yourself challenges: If everything in life is easy and life is moving ahead smoothly, then your life has reached a danger mark, showing you that you are living a mediocre life and not utilizing all your capacities and abilities. Before people or the changing times challenge the status quo and you lose yourself in the crowd; you should challenge yourself to learn new skills, do new things and take risks. You will definitely make your life better and stay in tune with the times.

Learn to laugh at yourself: The fear of being unsuccessful and being ridiculed by people keeps us from attempting many things in life. But what if we start to laugh at ourselves? People might say, “He has gone mad”, “he is a fool”. Let people say whatever they will, but if you have learned to laugh at yourself then no power in the world can stop you from succeeding and remaining happy. Therefore laugh at your failures, at your successes, at your mistakes and get acquainted with that aspect of yourself that only wants to move ahead and be successful.

In this Life, you are your only competition and achieving excellence can only be accomplished, when you challenge yourself to become a better version of yourself.

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