“Our mistakes can play an important role in effecting a change in our life if we do not ignore them.”

Just imagine; we are undertaking a very important task and we have prepared diligently, worked very hard, tried to give our best and we have great hope that the end result will be very good. And now the time has arrived to see the result – but what happened?? Exactly the opposite of what we had hoped for, there was a mistake in our planning and the result was that this important task could not be completed as we had thought.

We were labeled as having made a mistake and all our hopes were dashed to the ground. On a mental level, we feel broken and a failure. No matter what people say or what we face due to this on the outside, our inner resolve takes a beating and the reality is that having made a mistake most people will hesitate to take any big step henceforth. From here, starts the journey of not taking any risks, which remains with us all through our life. What is more, these people then advise others also not to take any risks in life.  Our life story also revolves around similar experiences and we are taught from childhood not to make mistakes, save yourself from making mistakes, pay attention while working otherwise you will make a mistake, what if things go wrong? And if we did make a mistake we were told not to make a mistake again.  Our attention was always on not making a mistake and due to this our full potential was never utilized or you can say, anything we did was done with the fear that no mistake should be made.

If this mental attitude is turned upside down and we work on the following three guidelines our attitude towards making mistakes will change completely.

  1. Give importance to learning from mistakes rather than fear mistakes.
    • If things go right I will learn what works and if things do not work I will learn what does not work, but in both cases, I will learn.
    • I will keep moving forward whether a mistake is made or not and will not let my plans stagnate.
    • When I undertake a task I know the possibility is there for it to go either way, right or wrong.
    • For me, the meaning of mistakes is – Learning.
  2. Do not hesitate to talk about mistakes. We always hide our mistakes and that is why the fear always remains with us. When we start sharing these, they become interesting experiences and our self-confidence increases, hesitation and anxiety will be replaced by openness and an attitude of fearlessness and patience will emerge. When you share your experiences others will also learn from you and slowly but surely you will start to be self-motivated. But it is important to keep in mind to share your mistakes only with people who will encourage you and motivate you; not people who are negative.
  3. There should always be new mistakes. If we are making new mistakes every time it means we are moving ahead in experience, learning new methods, becoming courageous and we are moving away from the crowd who stop taking action once a mistake has been made. Now whether a mistake has been made in a career, relationship, business or a new venture; it is established that we have gained an experience which is priceless. This experience becomes an indicator that we are moving ahead and are continuing to take action. And yes, it is important to make new mistakes so we do not get bored and we keep learning new things.

The sign of making new mistakes is the sign that you are learning and you are growing from these new experiences.

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