“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

– Tony Robbins

In this fast-paced world, where progress doesn’t comes at an easy cost, every individual is running after success. Jobs, businesses, profits & losses, careers, relationships and academics along with maintaining a pace in our social lives, there’s so much to juggle in this modern-day world. Definition of that success might differ from person-to-person, but they would do whatever it takes, to reach the summit.

At Uday, we not only focus on your development but will give you a chance to grow as an individual with their own uniqueness. We offer various types of ways in which will help you in evolving towards success.

Life-Coaching | Career Counseling | Personality Development | Common Sense Parenting | Discover the Warrior


Life has is a series of achievements and setbacks. It’s the journey that defines our valor, power and efforts in achieving our targets. Life-Coaching is an all-round solution that will help you learning more about yourself and accepting yourself in order to flourish.

We receive advices about everything most of the time. Do this and your problems will be solved, go about a certain problem in a certain way and you’ll never encounter that problem, ever again. These are some of the sentences, most of us might’ve come across. But, in life, no two individuals are the same and they cannot have the same perception. In case, if a certain approach worked out for someone, it might not workout for you.

Life coaching isn’t about giving advices. It’s more about establishing a better understanding of our clients and helping them in figuring out the solutions of the problems they face, through their own perception.

An alternative support that lifts you up, increases your work efficiency and helps you in achieving your goals by empowering you from your unlocked potential.

Career Counselling

Having a dilemma over an established career is one of the most common problem faced by the young generations of today. With so many options and so much to learn, they end up confusing themselves and eventually lose the self-confidence. A little guidance and self awareness can empower them and give them a clear vision that can help them in succeeding.

At Uday, we provide the right guidance by using scientific and psychometric tools and techniques. The experts then analyse and help you in choosing the right path, towards success.

DMIT Stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. DMIT is a scientifically and medically proven method for understanding intelligence, inborn skills, talents and potential of a particular individual. This test gives an insight about the thought process, stress patterns along with personality traits, strengths, and the right side or left side dominance of the brain and several other details. 

Children in today’s age are accustomed and exposed to excessive strength and stressed even after simplifying the patterns. This simplification has often caused a raised bar of expectations from their parents and peers. This leads to confusion and they forget how to use their inner talents and then succeed. Good grades are often confused with success, one can only achieve success if they understand their inner powers & strengths and then aim for what they can achieve with them. DMIT helps to analyze these strengths in a child along with their scientific approach, give a thorough outlook of unlocking their inner potential. 

Through DMIT, once you understand the inner potential and the natural interests of you and how can you use these in order to create a successful and fulfilling career.  In order to understand your skill set, DMIT has proven to be one of the best scientific solutions that are available. 

At Uday, DMIT and psychometric analysis are used to determine your area of interest and career advisement and coaching after the results are obtained.

Personality Development

Physical appearance and personality are two different yet the most important aspects of an individual. Personality isn’t the rebellious or the unique ideas you have, it defines your approach and is something that helps you in standing out amongst a crowded. Earlier, physical appearance was considered more importance which created a notion that your personality is only defined by how you appear.’

Every individual possess a different set of traits and has a different approach towards the most basic problems. This gives rise to the uniqueness of every individual. At Uday, we ensure that you cherish your uniqueness and empower yourself by understanding that the true power lies in YOU.

The personality development course is full interactive of activities, sessions and one-to-one interaction with our mentors. The course will help you in getting a positive thought pattern, learn better communication, develop a healthy physique and gain confidence . At the end of this course, you’ll feel more confident along with a clear vision that will make you feel closer to your goals.

Common Sense Parenting

In this fast-paced world, parenting has become quite a task. With technology taking over, impact of human interaction is significantly reduced on children because of which parents often complain about anger issues, behavioural problems and problems faced in concentrating.

To reduce these, we have created Common Sense Parenting program which helps in you in understanding the parenting patterns with a clear insight on how to deal with these problems. It focuses on positive relationships, skills training, and self-control.


This program is based for the parents and caregivers who supervise children at a tender age where parenting skills are absolutely necessary. The program deals with behaviour management, inculcating positive habits and reducing negative tendencies in them. The sessions are carefully designed to fit the behavior of most children and the various approaches that can be used to ensure the best for your child. Each session deals with a particular skill along with a situational issue related to it and finally, the conclusion.

The best person to know and understand will always be, YOU. Make sure you use this opportunity well.


Discover The Warrior Within

Its is often told, minds are like parachutes. They only work, when  they are open. As a student, you are introduced to a lot of opportunities and lot of pathways. Some of them lead to a stable life, job and secure life. Some paths need the fire, desire and passion that can help you in succeeding. Sometimes, you come across a situation where you are pushed to take up something in peer pressure. This leads to failure and can hamper your growth & progress.

At Uday Singh, we have introduced Discover the Warrior Within program where we will help you to unleash your truest potential and succeed. The program focuses on the students who wish to ignite the fire and fuel your dreams, in order to provide the right kind of motivation towards the summit. 

The technological advancements, modern lifestyle and convenience have made us restricted to our comfort zone. Everyone is afraid to take risks and prefers the easier, secure and shorter path rather than working hard and finding out where your interest lies. The program will not only help you in  reading, learning & reflecting along with  constant challenges, impeccability for endeavours, decisive action, and an attitude of continual improvement that gives you a sure shot at success.


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