We are all familiar with “fear” because there have been many moments in our life when we have been fearful i.e.; starting a new job, undertaking a dangerous activity, learning something new, taking a decision, talking about ourselves or facing challenging times.

A fearful mental state prevents us from knowing and expressing our actual strengths and abilities; however, it is only by going beyond our fears that we will be able to fully utilize our inherent potential. Most people get disturbed by fear, so much so, that they quit and change their decisions and direction they had originally planned. On the other hand, there are some who befriend their fears, go beyond them and become successful.

Fear is a natural state of our minds, for example; we get accustomed to a certain type of environment, way of doing and thinking and if we then have to do something new or different we are fearful. In other words, “we are in fear, meaning, we are about to engage in some new, unfamiliar activity”. This is a part of all our lives, but if we have learned to correctly manage our fears we will be in a position to understand and utilize our strengths and abilities.

“Facing our Fears is the Only Solution”

The following methods are very effective in helping us do so:-

TALK TO YOUR FEARS: In a state of fear we think in particular mental patterns, however, if we are to overcome our fear, or reduce it, the most effective way is to start talking to your fears. Question your fear and ask why am I thinking the way I am, what is the reason for my being fearful and what will be the results of my actions or work that I am doing.

This type of self-talk and questioning will bring about spontaneity in your life.

THINK LESS – DO MORE: A fearful mind is a state that strikes before a new project or work is started. The more we think about it the more it increases.  However, once you have taken a decision and planned activities, start taking action immediately and you will find your thoughts slowly moving in a new direction and your mind will be occupied and centered on the work at hand.

VISUALISE THE SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF YOUR TASK: Before you start any task that you are fearful of, bring your creative imagination into play, close your eyes and visualize and feel that your task has been accomplished with great success.  When we practice this repeatedly, we send a message to our subconscious mind that we have successfully completed the task and our mind slowly propels us with positive energy.

This technique works in all situations in our lives and our mind is guided towards a direction of successful completion of the task.

DON’T STOP – KEEP GOING: Sometimes fear takes hold of us when we are engaged in activities where results are not being achieved. Under these circumstances, we give up, but we must remember that the moment we give up, fear will again take hold and dominate our thoughts and mind, and therefore we must continue with our efforts. If necessary change the methods you are employing, find new options or take help, but don’t give up.

Fears are the stepping stones in our lives. As we overcome fears, we’ll overcome the challenges and lead a successful life.


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