Life should be a celebration. Everyone wants to live, but no one is living. These words might sound strange to you, but they are so true, – I will repeat it – everyone wants to live, but no one is living. In modern times, to live life to the fullest feels like a dream, because we are running away from a few critical habits which are life-affirming.  These may be small things, but they are the life force of our life. When we adopt these habits we can truly celebrate our life.

The first of these life-affirming habits is to have a purpose in life. Set a purpose for your life, something that inspires you to live a full life. This has to be your own purpose and not borrowed from others; something that inspires you to take action. This is as important as the life force in your body.

The second is to have a spirit of taking on challenges to know yourself.  These challenges help us to understand our abilities and strengths. These are just as important as climbing trees in our childhood without a care in the world, or without any fear of hurting ourselves. As we grow we need to find new challenges, they may not come our way on their own.  We need to make the efforts to take on challenges in life and keep growing.

The Third, appreciate wholeheartedly, both yourself and others. To maintain a happy, inspired state of mind it is important to be appreciative. Reach out to others and appreciate and praise them for what they do.  Of course, this appreciation should be genuine. This will be a source of inspiration for them to do more and at the same time, it will inspire you also to take action. Many opportunities to appreciate others present themselves in our life daily.

Fourth, accept the uncertainty inherent in life completely. When we start a new project, there is an element of uncertainty. So why not enjoy the process? Instead of being fearful, why not have the attitude of, “Let’s see what happens, because whatever happens there will be learning in it for me”.

The fifth aspect that helps us to celebrate life is to live now, live today to the fullest. Life is happening today. Today is the most beautiful day.  When today finishes, it will be reduced to a memory, it will become yesterday. We can only live today. Plan for the future, but do not get so immersed and lost in planning that you forget to live today.  In the end, you should be able to say that you lived a full life every moment, every day. No award, no success can replace a life lived to the fullest.

The sixth aspect is to revel in each step you take towards your goals.  Each small step you take makes history. Nothing big can be achieved in a day.  You must continue to make an effort until you see your goal coming to fruition. This attitude is applicable to all aspects of life.  Soon, in a few months, maybe a year you will find that you have completed a long journey and you have accomplished a lot.

Life a is a celebration and instead of dwelling in its sorrows one should learn and practice to enjoy and celebrate this journey.

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