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Uday Singh

Mr. Uday Singh is a dynamic motivational speaker and a performance coach who has impacted the lives of more than one lakh individuals. With a passion to transform personal & professional lives, he has organized several interactive programs that inspire individuals to choose the right path towards sky-high success. He is a certified professional who focuses on mental health development and coaching through various techniques that can lead to happiness, success and forming a strong vision that can let your soar higher. 

He has been inspiring and coaching since 2007 and is known to weave inspirational anecdotes for motivation and action steps that combine together in his engaging storytelling style and empowers the audience to be the torch-bearers of their own success. Leadership, Public speaking, Managerial skills, Business skills, and Life management along with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are some of the areas he has expertise on. An NLP practitioner, internationally-certified trainer, Mr. Uday has worked with several organisations and educational institutions and has inspired individuals from students to senior executives of reputed firms. He has organised several camps, workshops, and one-to-one interactions at various companies and institutes across the country. Students and faculty of Indian Institute of Technology, IIT-B also invited him for an interactive session. A passionate writer, Mr. Uday has also inspired various individuals through his words in the forms of articles and blogs that have been published across many leading newspapers such as, Times Of India, Rajasthan Patrika to name a few. He has also been active in the field of research and has also authored several research papers. 

A visionary, he believes that every individual has a potential which can lead him towards the summit and with this he has trained people and coached them to ensure that they achieve excellent output and experience the power of unlocked potential. In this fast-paced world, every individual has his phobias and stressful situations which hinder their growth, they need to overcome these in order to excel. Expertise in human psychology has helped Mr. Uday to create a blueprint for happiness, success, and excellence for today’s generation. Finding one’s definition of success and celebrating the uniqueness of their inner self is what he believes in.

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Neha Jain

Neha has vast experience in assignments in Human Resource Development, Communication, Soft SkillsTrainings, Financial Journalism and Entrepreneurial Development.She has strong command in life coaching ,professional coaching and passionate to share her coaching skills. She is dedicated to inspire and coach people for excellence.Currently she is expanding and promoting an Apparel brand YELLOW across the nation and is a Faculty of M.J.M.C for creative writing and current affairs with Renaissance College Indore. She has over 50 by-lines to her credit in the financial newspaper DNAMONEY and has been a Start Up editor for the regional newspaper Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.

She has been a trainer for soft skills development and business communications with MSME Indore. She has also continued to writing content for various websites like Erawat Pharma Ltd and KMT Trans Logistics etc. She is proficient in identifying individual training requirements and providing custom made solutions and has expertise in building inter and intra personal relationships to escalate personal and organisational growth. She has strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability of focused coordination with various departments of a dynamic work place. She has a positive and proactive approach to feedback and criticism.

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Shivani Khetan

The greatest gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy you.” Shivani Khetan was born in Delhi and grew up in Ambala and Noida. She went through several schools, each with a different philosophy on education and finally there were schools where she felt like a complete misfit. She has came from a family of faith healers, shamans and service-oriented family members. She still believes that connecting and communing with her ancestors  guide her  in her intuition. She have been in the practice of Energy Healing for more than 14 years. Being a Textile Designer She changed her path to her spiritual journey as she was always intrigued with Tarot. She worked hard to get her doctorate in Tarot as a healing tool, created her own deck of tarot cards, “Shivani’s Healing Touch Tarot Deck.”

Her book named as  “Tarot A Healing Tool In Modern Times Is The First Coffee Table Book”, has been certified by Golden book of World records for postulating tarot as a healing tool. It is about transforming life with the help of Vedic beej mantras. It was her fantasy to do research and give individuals a chance to utilize the direction of the tarot cards each day to mend their stuff and proceed onward. The book causes them plan their life, expel things and make their very own fate and abstain from going to crystal gazers or tarot perusers. Her Mantra of life is to hold offering back to the general public to accomplish and acquire and more learning as time passes and to carry on with a real existence of direction and being altruistic. Her blogs basically focus on the present moment and enjoying life to the fullest.

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